Nova is held in the Budleigh Salterton Public Hall which is quite near Exmouth and a half an hour drive from Exeter.

Budleigh Salterton is a town on the coast of East Devon in the South West of England. It is 15 miles from Exeter, and is situated within the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Budleigh Salterton also is the location of the start of the Jurassic Coast, the starting point for picturesque and compelling walks, as well as containing a variety of charming local shops, cafés and restaurants.

Central to Budleigh Salterton is it's unspoilt pebble beach, which when paired with a sunny day make for an idyllic break from the party should you need it.

You can find out more about Budleigh Salterton at lovebudleigh.co.uk.

Public Hall

The Public Hall has been the home of NOVA and Sundown since 2005.

The hall contains capacity for 100 sceners. We will be equipping the hall with tables, chairs, lighting, Full HD projection and a suitably large sound system for the party.

There is also a bar, catering facilities, backstage areas and disabled access.

You are welcome to sleep in the hall or dedicated sleeping area if you choose not to opt for a local hotel or B&B, however you may find it to be rather noisy so consider bringing earplugs if you need them.

We have a very strict noise curfew of 12pm Midnight. Please make absolutely sure that any noise taking place after this time occurs inside the hall with shut doors and windows, or by the bus stop on the road side of the hall.


Travel by Car

Budleigh Salterton is not too far from the M5 - enter EX9 6RJ into your Sat Nav.

There are two car parks - one of which is free and positioned to the side of the hall on the high incline.

Make sure you use this one if you can to avoid fees / fines!

Travel by Plane

The closest airport is Exeter Airport, which has links to Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin and more. Flights are usually around £60 each way for many European destinations, and from the Airport you can request a pick up from us which we’ll try to do as quickly as possible.

Alternatively you can travel to Bristol Airport which has more international routes, and the Stagecoach Falcon bus provides a direct link to Exeter where we can pick you up via our shuttle service. If you plan to travel this way, please make sure to join our Discord to arrange your pickup.

If you choose to fly to Bristol or a further afield airport, transport links to the nearby city of Exeter are generally excellent - and from there we can send a scener via our Shuttle service out to pick you up or you can opt to travel in via bus.

Travel by Bus

We recommend travelling via national destinations to Exeter Bus Station.

After this point you can use our free shuttle service, where we pick you up and take you to the party. If you plan to travel this way, please make sure to join our Discord to arrange your pickup.

Should you wish to take an onward bus journey from Exeter, we recommend you look at the Stagecoach website and check out the bus routes 57 (Exeter to Exmouth) and 157/357 (Exmouth to Budleigh Salterton) to plan your journey.

Prior investigation of bus stop locations is recommended via Google Maps.

Accommodation & Hotels

You can opt to sleep at the party – bear in mind it can be quite noisy!

We do have a limited amount of quiet sleeping spots if required, but please let us know if you require this. Failing that we recommend looking at the Visit Budleigh site and contacting the local tourist office to find a suitable Hotel or B&B.