NOVA 2024

14th - 16th June 2024

Photo of the NOVA Party hall

Source: Slengpung


Budleigh Salterton Public Hall

The Public Hall contains capacity for 100 sceners. We will be equipping the hall with tables, chairs, lighting, Full HD projection and a suitably large sound system for the party. There is also a bar, catering facilities, backstage areas and disabled access.

  • Photo of the NOVA Party hall

    Source: Artem Bryzgalov

    Lights & Sound

    Our man Polynomial returns with wild ambition to bring the atmosphere up to unseen levels —a full complement of lasers and lights, our monster sound system and 5000 lumen Full HD projector ensures a marvellous time all around.

  • Networking

    Kris Sum from Switch Systems will be providing us with our robust wireless and wired networking. We'll have a 60Mbit uplink to the internet and a complete Wuhu setup available throughout the duration of the party.

  • Closeup of a lit flame hob

    Source: sunshinecity


    The hall includes a well specified kitchen with commercial grade flame hobs, ovens, grill, high power microwave and ready boiling water to help with any food preparation you need to take care of.



Central to demoparties are its competitions, which at NOVA will be shown on a 5000 lumen Full HD Projector with a monster sound system.

NOVA caters for demo productions on new and old school platforms, as well as Photography and Wild competitions —where literally anytyhing goes.

Screenshot of Precious and Fragile, a demo by ASD

"Precious and Fragile" by Andromeda Software Design

  • Source: Spiny

    Floppy Discus Throwing

    A Save Icon to some ...a lethal plastic discus to to others! Join other aspiring athletes on The Green for a friendly game of Floppy Discus using the finest vintage of coverdisks and PD shovelware from the late 1980s and up.

  • Source: Deltafire

    Music & Live Code

    NOVA is no stranger to live DJing and music performances, as well as combining music with live coding in competitive and collaborative settings for a true audiovisual jam session.

  • Source: Zeb

    Jackbox Games

    As is the usual tradition, we'll be struggling through the hangover haze with a in-humour laden Jackbox Party Games session where we realise we don't understand the US references and carry on regardless.


NOVA has an entry fee of £50
Supporter and Subsidised options are available.