Nova 17

23rd - 25th June, Budleigh Salterton (UK)

About Nova

NOVA is a new demoparty from the organisers of Sundown, building on 12 years of party organising experience.

NOVA is a shift in philosophy from Sundown —we're inviting partygoers to bring their own ideas and projects to the party to bring a unique spin on our trusted formula.

This year, as well as our competitions and live acts we will be introducing Shader Coding Mentoring with psonice, Teletext Mentoring and Workshops with rawles and members of the Teletext scene. As well as this reality404 will be presenting our free homebrew selection and Vampire will be offering cut price Amiga repair and recapping directly from the party hall.

In addition to this we will also have polynomial providing an epic atmospheric upgrade which we'll keep a surprise until the party has begun!

NOVA takes place on Friday 23rd June until Sunday 25th June. Arrivals are welcome from midday onwards on Friday however we may not have the hall fully assembled at this point. Events will start roughly 7pm onwards - you can look at our Timetable for more information.

The party finishes roughly at midday on Sunday, however you are welcome to hang around while we pack up - or help out if you wish. There are local pubs, cafés and restaurants should you wish to visit them after the party has finished.

New to the demoscene?

The demoscene is an international computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos: small, self-contained computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills.

NOVA is the UK's premier demoparty - a place for demosceners to convene, spectate and compete in demo competitions, as well as socialise amongst like-minded people.

The weekend long event will showcase live acts and competitions in the evenings, and the daytime is used for people to socialise or work on their productions.

Due to a noise curfew at midnight, we have to stop live acts strictly at this time - at which point many visitors choose to take the annual pilgrimage down to the beach and to enjoy the clear skies, campfire and music.

Visitors can either stay in the hall throughout the duration of the party, or opt to book a hotel, camp in a nearby campsite or stay in a B&B.


Nova is held in the Budleigh Salterton Public Hall which is quite near Exmouth and a half an hour drive from Exeter.

Budleigh Salterton is a small town on the coast of East Devon in the South West of England. It is 15 miles from Exeter, and is situated within the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Budleigh Salterton also is the location of the start of the Jurassic Coast, the starting point for picturesque and compelling walks, as well as containing a variety of charming local shops, cafés and restaurants.

Central to Budleigh Salterton is its' unspoilt pebble beach, which when paired with a sunny day make for an idyllic break from the party should you need it.

You can find out more about Budleigh Salterton at

Public Hall

The Public Hall has been the home of NOVA and Sundown since 2005.

The hall contains capacity for 100 sceners. We will be equipping the hall with tables, chairs, lighting, Full HD projection and a suitably large sound system for the party.

There is also a bar, catering facilities, backstage areas and disabled access.

You are welcome to sleep in the hall if you choose not to opt for a local hotel or B&B, however you may find it to be rather noisy so consider bringing earplugs if you need them.

We have a very strict noise curfew of 12pm Midnight. Please make absolutely sure that any noise taking place after this time occurs inside the hall with shut doors and windows, or by the bus stop on the road side of the hall.

We are on our last warning regarding this so please take part in enforcing this if you find anyone breaking this rule.

  • Facilities

    The large hall can accommodate at the most around 100 visitors - we do allow people to sleep overnight on location but recommend people consider a local hotel or B&B, camping or hostelling should you require solid rest.

  • Kitchen

    The hall includes a well specified kitchen with commercial grade flame hobs, ovens, grill, high power microwave and ready boiling water to help with any food preparation you need to take care of. There is also limited refrigeration space; first come first served.

  • Network

    Kris Sum from Switch Systems will be providing us with our robust wireless and wired networking. We'll have a 60Mbit uplink to the internet, complete PartyMeister setup available throughout the duration of the party.



Not a competition, just a space for you to show people what you do. Perhaps you made a game, or some cool tool, or you have an interesting hobby completely unrelated to the demoscene. If so, bring it (or a video or photos) along and show off!
There’s only one rule: Please keep it to 10 minutes or less.

Demoscene Mentoring

Are you new to the demoscene and would like to learn how demos are made? Or perhaps you’re a demoscener looking to learn more. If so we have a couple of mentors available who can spend some time teaching a few tricks of the trade. Currently we can help you learn:

  • Raymarching and raytracing
  • Shaders (Shadertoy / OpenGL / GLSL or Metal / MSL)
  • Classic 2D demo effects
  • Size coding

If you’re interested please drop psonice a line at psonice[at] Priority will be given to people new to the scene, but all are welcome to apply.

And if you have some skills in code, music production, graphics (or anything else) you could share and don’t mind spending a few hours at Nova passing some skills on, let psonice know.

Teletext Graphics Mentoring

The iconic Teletext era has seen a recent renaissance thanks to the up and coming Teletext scene. Join rawles, Kieran Connell and horsenburger alongside the CRTC demogroup to learn all about Teletext design. You can even compete in our Teletext Graphics competition with a chance to win a prize.

Midnight Beach Trip

As is with tradition, upon our midnight noise curfew many sceners head down to the beach to enjoy the midnight sky, some music and a campfire.

Amiga Repair and Recap Service

Paul (Vampire) Carpenter will be offering an incredible cut-price service for Amiga owners needing a re-cap or repair fix.

Prices - Recaps:

  • A500 - £25
  • A600 - £25
  • A1200 - £25
  • A2000 - £40
  • A3000 (includes daughter board) - £40
  • A3000 Daughter board only - £2.50
  • A3000T - £50
  • A4000 (Any Rev + A3640) - £25
  • A4000T - £50
  • A3640 - £2.50
  • CD32 - £35
  • PSU brick recap - £10

Other services:

  • NiCad Battery replacement (with button cell) - £10
  • Fault diagnostics - Free triage (30 minutes)

Vampire will happily attempt recaps/diagnostics/repairs on other machines, depending on what parts are required.


As is tradition on the Sunday morning we will be hosting Jackbox party games on the big screen - hilarious audience participation quizzes and games to wake you up in the aftermath of Saturday's partying!

Free Homebrew Beer!

Reality404 will be holding an informal homebrew beer competition among anyone wishing to bring along a keg of their finest batch. Feel free to bring along your own barrel if you have one ready and talk with John about joining the competition. And of course, you can participate by judging the entrants at no cost!



Friday 23rd July 2017

11:00Organisers arrival and initial setup, doors open
17:00Network, sound, internet, projection all live
21:00Welcome to NOVA
21:05Live ActGasman
22:00Live ActSubi
23:00Live ActDeathboy
00:00Noise curfew

Saturday 24th July 2017

15:00DeadlineAll Competitions Deadline
16:00CompetitionFloppy Throwing
17:00CompetitionPhotography, ANSI/ASCII, Teletext Graphics, Pixel Graphics, Freestyle Graphics
18:30CompetitionExecutable Music, Instrumental Streaming Music, Streaming Music
21:00CompetitionWild, PC Demo, PC 64k, PC 4k, Homebrew Beer
22:00Live ActRift DJs
23:00Live ActHoffman
00:00Noise Curfew / Beach Trip

Sunday 25th July 2017

10:00EventBigscreen Games (Jackbox Party Games)
12:30Party clear-up
15:00Venue close


NOVA offer two types of ticket - Standard (£50) or Supporter (Pay what you like, £75+).

There is no difference between the tickets, only if you wish to add anything more to the party funds we'd be absolutely stoked. If you do arrive and haven't paid in advance, please bring cash with you as you arrive.

  • Bank Transfer

    Make sure you register, and send a payment by BACS to MR R P FULLAM (Halifax), Sort Code 110298, Account 00148134 clearly marked Sundown in the reference field.

  • PayPal

    Send PayPal money as a gift to to avoid unnecessary fees.

  • Cash

    You can opt to pay by cash on arrival as you come to the party. There are cashpoints in the town nearby should you need to make a withdrawal.

Contact us

You can contact us via e-mail, telephone, Facebook, Slack, IRC or Twitter.

  • Email

    Email if you have remote entries or any questions regarding the party.

  • Telephone

    Main organiser Ruairi Fullam (rc55) can be contacted at any point on 07882 450575.

  • Other

    Visit us on Facebook, Slack or Twitter - or you can catch us on IRCnet #ukscene if you like.