NOVA 2023 Results

With NOVA 2023 packed in and closing its doors, here are the complete, official voting results for all competitions.

These results are formatted look nice in a web browser, but be sure to check out the official results.txt, which is formatted in glorious ASCII art courtesy of FuZion^nKx!

New School Demo

01.Precious And FragileASD168
02.Perspective Twist: CubeLex Bailey and TôBach135

Old School Demo

02.No ProblemIRIS146
03.Chequered PastBitshifters & Torment133
04.Bridge BehaviourSlipstream126
06.Rock is jarig!Some random furry scener91

Tiny Intro

01.Sunset Cove Moods 256 / TIC-80jtruk154
02.Voroblud SingularityPellicus149
05.Sine of the ChimesBitshifters125
07.BUD SALTdave84109
08.MoiriscThe Orz / grz106
11.The Hello World of SizecodingRairii89
12.partycoded prod: blue versionRairii88
13.partycoded prod: red versionRairii87

Music Competitions

Streaming Music

01.Rave 101DeathBoy121
02.A Beat Boat97s119
03.Evil NinjaTeo115
04.Static emotionsSynesthesia of rift^defekt114
05.Demon RevengeEstrellasadie85

Old School Music

01.OverloadVirtua Point Zero157
02.Shipping ForecastHoffman154
03.Budleigh Beeb BreakdownTôBach/SLP^RiFT^TUHB152
04.Super WaterworldMrs Beanbag139
05.Weather Keeps ChangingRaccoonViolet134
06.constellation a1Synesthesia of rift^defekt125
07.frozen deitiesPALLASPALACE90

32K Executable Music

01.normativeflexi / Resident150

Graphics Competitions

4K Executable Graphics

01.Early BirdMaurogik171
02.Wish I Was ThereP_Malin / Bitshifters156


01.NOVA 2023 BEATSCoaXCable / CoolPHat ^ Mistigris ^ MoonShine148
02.symbolspiny / Torment139
03.K33pin' iT OldskoOLFuZioN/NeoKorteX128


01.sad robotaldroid^slp125
02.8 Hours of Work-Life-SleepLukasz Bogusz113
03."Empty"Brittle / MoonShine112
04.Passiflora quadrangularisevvvvil109
05.The Spider, With Lasersspiny105
06.Lost in the woodsLOiD104
07.Twilight In St. LuciaBUS ERROR102
Tower's MawStormcaller/Slipstream102
09.we're all downstreamBride of DeathBoy99
11.Oldschool DrinksDeathBoy89
12.Tile Wallkieran / bitshifters^rabenauge88
13.flag diskmaple / fragment86
14.What's Dat Nova?97s85
15.The Popular PhotoRaccoonViolet80
16.Sensitive to DarknessVectorEyes78
17.Circus DelightsYoshima69

Old School Graphics

01.H O L Y I N N O C E N C ECritikill / SWEET16 ^Rebels ^Brainstorm183

New School Graphics

02.Cryogenic MachineFlashira Nakirov / Frontation129
03.Two Pyramidsmickaleus/ICUP110


01.Jurassic NovaP3rf3ctDark138
02.HandsomeGoombaillarterate and NJ136
03.What is your net worth?justadude116
04.Bat CountryTôBach/SLP^RiFT^TUHB114
Pride RaccoonRaccoonViolet114
06.Next Yearspiny87


01.PhosphoraBUS ERROR Collective167
02.innovative dancingmickaleus/ICUP155
You Better WalkRiFT155
04.Supernova light showagrayperspective149
06.The Eternal LoopASD121
07.Dangerous BeachAki120
Snap on the Micro:bitPandora/CRTC120
09.TodayRiFT and the Royal Belgian Baking Squadron106
11.true 8-bit scrollerNico92

The New School Intro and AI Wild competitions received no entries and were omitted from the compo blocks.

Okay, now what?

If you would like to watch (or listen) to any of the entries above and have no idea where to go next, here are some useful pointers:

  • Entries will be uploaded to the Archive, where they can be downloaded freely by anyone who is interested.
  • If you'd like to have additional context and community feedback, two established demoscene website to check out are:
    1. has results up already and tends to be very thorough in linking to releases and additional information.

    2. has a less complete set of releases, but offers lively (and unfiltered) commentary for the entries they do cover.